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Kompass nach Norden


Glückliche Familie

Do you have an issue in your family, construction project or business interaction, which you would like to swiftly and efficiently resolve? Do you need support in some other conflict resolution or crisis intervention?

Are you ready to take your personal development or that of your employees to a whole new level, because you are convinced that investing in the people behind your service or product is the most profitable decision? 

​It is our commitment to assist you in the process of creating a solution; sustainable, comprehensive, individually tailored to our clients’ needs with focus on our specialties – stress management and business consulting, professional or personal crisis intervention, emotional and/or physical stress – after reviewing and analyzing the client’s situation, and allowing that the client is prepared to commit to self-reflection and acceptance of the open and honest clarity we provide.  The individually chosen course of action will include instructions that give our clients the tools necessary to create long-term and self-sustaining resolutions for themselves.


Mediation/ Conflict management

Mediation is a structured, voluntary process of finding a constructively solution to a conflict.


As mediator, I will moderate and provide a neutral space in which 2 or more parties can voluntarily enter the process of conflict resolution.


Regardless of whether the conflict is the result of private, family, business or building construction, you are always the most knowledgeable ones in the conflict. It is my function to enable a clear, confidential communication using the “win-win” principle, to reach a sustainable resolution, with the potential of satisfying all parties involved.

As mediator, I am subject to the regulations of the German Mediation Laws (MedG), which were created for the purpose of encouraging conflict resolution outside of the court room and to lighten the load for the justice system, as well as to offer an affordable alternative for solving private and business disputes, which carry legal ramifications.

Meditative Kommunikation


The moment you understand that other people’s behavior towards you is merely a reflection of their own relationship with themselves, and not a statement to you about your worth; that is the moment you free yourself from the need to react.

And this is so much easier than it sounds.

Paul Watzlawick, an Austrian-American communication researcher says it like this 

- You cannot not communicate – 


and if we accept that to be true, then the countless ways each communication can be interpreted increases exponentially. All of this gets in the way of understanding the original motivation for communication.  


Both in your private-life, and even more so in your work-life. The key is recognition, which leads to understanding,​ both yourself as well as the person you are communicating with. 

Recognition provides the insight needed to generate an inner demeanor, which inspires self-reflection and a desire for self-development, leading to a life of total authenticity with an open heart and mind, particularly, but not only, in the business world. 

The ability to honestly integrate the three-fold qualities of complete respect of others, being resource and solutions oriented and living up to a high standard of personal responsibility, self-development has far-reaching benefits in all aspects of life. 

Negotiations are more effective and successful, customer satisfaction is maximized, psychological stress minimized and team leadership and well-being are taken to a whole new level. 

Developing a temperament of non-judgment will allow you take on the world with ease. You will have honest and motivated employees, leaders and managers, who have actively worked on developing an inner stability, and thus having all the tools necessary to create a work environment  that naturally leads to company success. ​


Stress management

The smallest common denominator of every conflict is an issue unto itself, which has to do directly with me.

We all have our valuable set of issues from our lives. The issues we have inherited, learned or adopted throughout our lives, tend to gain influence and start to impact our communication, reactions and patterns of conflict and can become real obstacles. At some point these obstacles show up as psychological, physical or emotional symptoms creating systems of stress and chaos in our world.

This shows up as suffering under stress of our jobs, stress to perform or as physical pain. Stress, no matter what the cause, puts the body under tension and no-one is able to function well under those conditions.

Knowledge and techniques are all around me, that show me how to use stress and other “attacks” to my advantage.​

MindFlow is a technique used to destress our systems, taking pent up energy, which turns into fatigue, psychological barriers and fears and even physical pain and suffering. MindFlow teaches us to release that energy and bringing ourselves back into the flow of balance.

That means, that such obstacles like attacks from the world, are nothing more than valuable energy that can be set free and give us momentum in a matter of seconds. How is it possible that problems and issues that have been around for years can suddenly disappear?

The body’s system does this naturally. Mitochondrial activity is activated within seconds, ATP is produced, serotonin and oxytocin are released and stress hormone levels, as well as blood pressure and pulse, drop immediately.​

MindFlow works, whether or not the client understands which issue has caused such pent up energy. The body’s system will reveal what issues can be released, all on its own. 


The client will notice that his or her surroundings will quickly adapt to the change. Things that used be stressful, become less important. Problems are quickly resolved – it is a new start in life. Be it negotiations or a business meeting, private life or self-development and physical health, everything begins to fall into place. 


The world has told us that progress takes time and hard work​, effort and concentration. So it simply sounds too good to be true that it can go so quickly, be so efficient; it is so simple that it takes a minute to even comprehend that this is possible!

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