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Conflict is friction, friction creates warmth, warmth is energy and that moves us forward

Years ago, these words came to me on an impulse as I was preparing for a team meeting on health management, and as I put those words on paper, I realized I had just put into words a belief system that had been with me for a very long time. In this moment, that deep desire I had had since I was a little kid, to find meaning in things, just crossed an important milestone.  

Growing up in Austria, I has a practical and down-to-earth upbringing, deeply rooted in the awe of nature and the cycle of seasons. For as long as I can remember, I had an ability to clearly recognize systems and to bring them into balance.

Throughout my entire eclectic career path, which took me through the restaurant industry, health services, on to a college degree in business administration, and then in management of a company, was always motivated a very deep conviction – That the key is to find balance – the balance between actions and our hearts, thinking and feeling.

It was during my studies for Mediation, Coaching, Training in 2013, that I was able bring my diverse experience into alignment and give it a new direction. But it was through the techniques of MINDFLOW that the last puzzle piece fell into place, the thing I always knew – it is – and we will find ourselves, is when I was able to turn my calling into my career.

It is with a deep connectedness to the practice and a willingness to never stop learning that I dedicate myself to the tradition of its three virtues: respect, truth, equality.

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